when down that alley turn left
back way to caloso
dirt road roosters footbridge
                              it was all me all mine the
magic carpet rollout
iguana tongue
no legged bridge there was one time i
crawled across glad i am
to walk straight                              now mostly
                              re minder lady
if it seems little what you’ve arrived at
loop back                              pass a sugared gate and an 85b
tricycle crack house window
loop back                              pass that other
stepladder bridge look out over
without thinking                              how you would look out over
                              and how is it until now
only your bridges rated a mention

how i went down not to the river but to the bridge
stepladder bridge                              and if they called it suspended
they called it ground to a halt
abandoned and no matter                              imagine it
one of those dead days but no one had to slaughter it

Rose Hunter