Pioneer Valley Trial

so he testifies on the word
knowing reality is never easy
to dilute or permeate through
conceived on streets with no nobility
for eyes to see
but creativity birthed you, nurtured you
with gifts untold to man
yet this land is deep with obscurities
that haunt you, taunts you, bullies you
into believing you need to roll deep in the streets,
skinny jeans your thighs, smoke, drink, and tote heat
just to get by
while Babylon sits by, waiting for you to fall, praying for you to fall
setting you up to
victimized by the gate keepers
plagiarized by the note takers
gentrified by the money makers
childhood interrupted by nightmares
scary like Friday the 13th
but who cares as long Ludlow, Bristol, Wethersfield
is able to fill their cells with
black, brown, and yellow bottoms
this can’t be the bottom
we can’t justify the ends
we never had the means
to escape, cultivate
kiss the minds of our babies
breathe the lust of living, leading, loving luxuriously
into their souls
so that they can run furiously towards righteousness
sidelining greatness is the tactic used
by those who fear
but you prodigal sons and daughters
have been trapped in the matrix of self-hate
loathing your reflection, craving deception
dipping it low and shaking it fast
with same CEO paid to enslave you
I don’t blame you
I want better for you
I want freedom for you
I want peace for you
I want love for you
I want revolution for you

Maryam A. Sullivan