Issue Twenty: Contributors

Caroline Boobis is a family mediator and retired matrimonial lawyer living in Newcastle upon Tyne. Proud owner of a recent OU degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Writing credits include short stories and creative non-fiction in online and print publications. Enjoys eating, drinking and thinking.

Roberto Conte is an architectural photographer based in Monza/Milan, Italy. His work has appeared in La Repubblica, Concorde Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  His photography has appeared in books such as This Brutal World (Phaidon Press, 2016), Concrete Concept (Frances Lincoln, 2016) and Street Art in Germany (Riva Verlag, 2013) amongst others. He is the 2015 winner of II Eurostars Berlin Photography Competition “Architecture from Berlin”. His work can be found at or on Facebook

María Castro Domínguez was born and raised in London. She has written a book of poetry titled Four Hands (A Cuatro Manos) with Jacobo Valcárcel. Her poems have appeared in Blaze Vox, Retort, The Argotist, Message in a Bottle, Bareknuckle Poet and many other literary magazines. In addition, Maria is a freelance writer, translator and proof-reader. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in English Philology.

Sally Long is a graduate of the Postgraduate Certificate of Creative Writing at Newcastle University and of the MA Writing programme at the University of East London. Her work has appeared in Agenda, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry Salzburg Review, Snakeskin and other magazines. She is currently studying for a PhD at Exeter University and edits Allegro Poetry Magazine.

Ilona Martonfi lives in Montreal, Canada. Author of three poetry books, Blue Poppy (Coracle Press, 2009), Black Grass (Broken Rules Press, 2012) and The Snow Kimono (Inanna Publications, 2015). Producer of The Yellow Door and Visual Arts Centre Readings. QWF 2010 Community Award.

Born and raised in Malawi, Ruth Nyimba moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in 2015. Inspired by the passing of everyday life, she has been writing poetry since the age of 14.

Luke Otley is a roaming poem composer and confused small-time thinker hailing from Cornwall, England. Currently writing in Western Australia, he is collating material for his first chapbook and butchering the bones of a novella.

Sue Spiers lives and works in Hampshire, U.K.  her poems have appeared on line in Ink, Sweat & Tears, Three Drops from a Cauldron and StepAway Magazine.  Print magazines Dream Catcher, Under the Radar and Prole have included her work during 2015.  Her poem ‘Fanny Farts’ was included in the anthology Hallelujah for 50ft Women edited (and performed) by the Raving Beauties and published by Bloodaxe.  Her first collection Jiggle Sac is available on Amazon.

Nicole Taylor lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is an artist, a hiker, a poetry note taker, a sketcher, a volunteer and a dancer, formerly in Salem’s DanceAbility group. Her poems have appeared in Full of Crow, Gloom Cupboard, Haggard and Halloo, KenAgain, Kerouac’s Dog, Miller’s Pond, Tiger’s Eye and many others. She blogs on Facebook, here and also at Oregon Poetic Voices, a collection of Oregon poets with written and audio poetry available online through Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

Norma Wilow is British and lives on the island of El Hierro. She has been published in EarthLines Magazine, Against the Current, La Llama Silenciosa and Cornwall Poetry.