Red Hands

The air has kissed me today,
Plied me with pretty pecks,
Poured its charm over me,
And left me belittled with love

Skipping over the bridge,
Gusty winds my sails
Strangers smiles my navigation
I’m lucky I’m loved

I think about you,
No stronger, sadder love
I see you
in the man with the baseball hat
Same walk, same form
In my red hands- stubborn from cold

I am you,
The humour, the need for silence

Are you bones in the ground?
Or that distinctive scent that surprises me,
No warning, a blast in the middle of the mundane,

Are you the giddiness in my jumpy kids?
Velvet blood running from you to them

Do you watch from the sky?
Parting the clouds, to catch a flicker of the film on earth

Aine Dilleen