A Letter from the Editor

March 2020

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 31.

Where will our writers take us in this issue? The destinations are far-ranging: Prague, Marrakech, London, China, Chicago, New York, Iowa and elsewhere. Our thirty-first issue is published at a time when we are asking ourselves whether it is safe to travel, whether we should wear a surgical mask in public, and for some of us, whether we should venture beyond the confines of our own homes. Undoubtedly, the outbreak of the coronavirus poses a significant and currently unquantifiable threat to society. Yet, the media also competes for our attention by feeding us minute-by-minute information that stokes our worst fears. It convinces us that we need to wait in anxiety for every breaking development – and that this level of hyperawareness will somehow play a role in saving our lives. Directives regarding hygiene may do just that. But tabloid doom-mongering sensationalising “The Point of No Return” does little other than drain our morale. I often wonder how those who are struggling with mental illnesses such as panic disorders and agoraphobia cope with the media pumping us with the idea that the world outside our front doors is unsafe? The coronavirus outbreak is a threat to our physical health, but the way it is reported may have far reaching implications regarding our mental well-being. I’m not suggesting tune out completely; but take a break from the news from time to time – every corporation has financial motives for keeping us hooked. Instead, read a book, listen to some music – think about the good things in life.  Come the launch of our summer issue, I hope that the world is in a better place, and that we all have our health and our freedom.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to those of you who clicked the donate button on our main page. StepAway Magazine would not exist without your generosity.

Now it is only fair that I let the work of our talented writers speak for itself. Enjoy reading.

Yours faithfully,

Darren Richard Carlaw