The Flâneuse Issue: Contributors

Jennifer Avignon (she/her) is a queer poet who lives in Seattle with her husband and lots of houseplants. She is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Seattle Pacific University. She is on the editorial board of The WEIGHT journal. Her work also appears in This Present Former Glory.

Victoria Bailey’s poetry has been included in a variety of publications and she is currently completing a PhD in creative writing.

Joan Byrne is a street photographer who has exhibited widely and won awards. She is a natural flâneuse, and a camera is her perfect companion. Most of her writing is in the realm of poetry. She has been published in a dozen periodicals, as well as online magazines. She performs as a Rye Poet: a trio of south London women poets.

Sasha Caillol lives in France. She is a Masters student in English at the University of Aix en Provence. She is currently writing a thesis on gender fluidity in English Literature focusing on Orlando by Virginia Woolf. Her poetry interests are eclectic ranging from Keats, Rimbaud to Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath.

Wandering troubadour Lorraine Caputo is a poet and travel writer. Her works appear in over 250 journals on six continents; and 18 collections of poetry – including On Galápagos Shores (dancing girl press, 2019). She journeys through Latin America, listening to the voices of the pueblos and Earth.

Lindsay Erdman is a writer, artist and musician based in Ontario, Canada. Her flash fiction is inspired by her familiarity with telling stories in a single image or a three minute song. More often than not, her muse is her former self. Her work can be viewed here.

Leah Halper writes plays, short stories, and essays. She has also temped, cleaned, filed, run machinery, researched, harvested, organized movements, written news, translated and interpreted, distributed food, and taught history. She tries to help human history continue, but sees she is little and late.

Joan Halperin has been published in Rosebud, Persimmon Tree and Passengers. Until retirement she was an active member of Poets in Public Service and the Westchester Council of the Arts. She now lives at Orchard Cove, a continuing care community where she continues to teach, write, participate in classes and enjoy family.

Joan Johnston was born in Newcastle and still lives on Tyneside where she has been a writer with the homeless, in hospitals, women’s refuges, prisons, and schools. Since 1997 she has published 6 poetry collections and pamphlets – most recently An Overtaking, pub. Red Squirrel Press, where this poem first appeared.

Anna Kirwin is a writer and artist, living in London, but dreaming of the Arctic. Her last published piece considered exploration, but more generally, her recent work deals with language, thought and time. She sees light in the darkness.

Monique Kluczykowski was born in Germany and has flâneused in cities from Bielefeld to Billings. A former professor in Georgia, she now lives and writes in the upper Midwest. Her most recent poems and essays have appeared in Sierra Nevada ReviewMojave Heart Review, and Blue Earth Review.

Marilyn Longstaff is a member of the writing, performing, publishing collective Vane Women. Published in many magazines, anthologies and online, she is the author of five poetry books: Puritan Games - Vane Women Press; Sitting Among The Hoppers – Arrowhead; Raiment and Articles of War – Smokestack; The Museum of Spare Parts – Mudfog.

Jane Mackenzie lives in Central Scotland where she enjoys long walks with her reluctant children. Her poetry is in Black Bough Poetry‘s winter anthologies and Shared Stories, A Year in the Cairngorms Anthology. She also writes for children and her poems can be found in The Emma Press insect anthology.

Navila Nahid is a writer and published poet, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She writes to pull solace from the world. Her poems have appeared in Sky Island Journal, Free Verse Revolution, Olney Magazine and The Dream Gods anthology. She is also on Instagram.

Yvonne Reddick’s poetry appears in The Guardian Review and The New Statesman. She holds a Leadership Fellowship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is editing Magma Poetry’s Anthropocene Issue.

Francine Rubin is the author of the poetry chapbooks If You’re Talking to Me: Commuter Poems (dancing girl press), City Songs (Blue Lyra Press), and Geometries (Finishing Line Press).  She is online here.

K.R. Schraeder is a writer, poet, and art enthusiast studying English Literature at San Diego State University with an emphasis in creative editing and publishing. Besides volunteer editing, she has edited and designed her first chapbook, Grimace, and hopes to have her second one published by early Spring.

Natalie Shaw lives and works in London. Her pamphlet Oh be quiet was published by Against the Grain in September 2020.

Linda Wisdom is a professional photographer and lens based artist specialising in fine art street, urban and lifestyle photography. She has been a part of many successful exhibitions including the London Photo Festival in Borough, Photo City London in 2017. Linda won ‘Best Street Life’ category with the British Life Photography Awards 2016 and was commended again in 2018, where her image was exhibited at the Royal Albert Hall for two months, and published on the cover of their official 2018 BLPA winners’ book. Visit her Etsy shop and her Flickr page.