At Sam Bond’s Garage Bar

I visited this city partly to
meet and hear our U. S. poet
laureate, and visit friends.
At Sam Bond’s Garage Bar
I sit comfortably alone
with my local Ninkasi IPA
a hardy micro-beer in a Ball glass jar,
and three friends arrive,
two ladies and a guy.
All single?
Well, not my friends yet.
One lady to my right tells me,
of meeting our
U. S. poet laureate.
She told me that she had
a nice visit with the poet
on arriving, and on leaving
Linn-Benton Community College.
I told them that I plan to see her
tomorrow in this city of Eugene
at Lane Community College.
Their guy friend tells me of a
famous performance artist arriving at U of O
but I felt so lost at that campus
and just walking back from this bar,
not knowing this city well,
not well, too intoxicated

Nicole Taylor