Madison Avenue Secrets

As time fills blanks with passing moments,
comfort wafts off that concrete hardscape.
Familiar hot sidewalks catch flecks of light
through specks of quartz and mica
that come alive each time a glint catches
a passer-by’s eye. An act of refraction,
this golden flash tames an instant,
seizing the constant movement
like a momentary dream realized.
Soon, this slow rush of humanity resumes,
rhythmic waves cascading to the cacophony
surrounding, a faceless ocean of sundry
fashion and style, ebbing, flowing,
going separate ways together. The city’s
practiced steps are a dance in progress,
melding constant change with constancy,
comfort with daily difficulties, smiles
with measured lips clenched and waiting
some pensive epiphany that may never arrive.
This kingdom prison brandishes promise
and wields passion, yet these streets are
a kiss deconstructed, and a closer look reveals
small things demystified, dark suits and
darker attitudes, a world that in spite of its
alleged grandeur, is markedly pedestrian.

Gary Glauber