StepAway Magazine is a welcome contribution to our growing body of understanding of urban culture. The erratic pace and the wilful trajectory of the flaneur is as an appropriate response to modern spatial and cognitive configurations as it was to the regimen of Haussmann’s Paris. The footloose approach to the postmodern city and the politics of speed need not be driven by an anarchistic will so much as a desire to see humanity and freedom in the wounds and sutures that comprise the contemporary spectacle of order.”
Professor Chris Jenks
Vice Chancellor of Brunel University
Editor of URBAN CULTURE: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies

“In its inspired and happily original concept, StepAway Magazine is, in every best sense, transporting.”
James Robison

“I like reading StepAway Magazine as a way to take a step in someone else’s world, someone else’s city. The scenery is different, the people are different, and, yet, the human emotions are still universal, allowing us to connect with the writing.”
Kirsten McIlvenna
Review of StepAway Magazine, Issue Seven

“[The] time is right for this type of initiative.”
John Rogers
Vanity Projects
Director of The London Perambulator

“…let this journal’s vision and Frank O’Hara’s poem influence at least one walk through your city. You’ll definitely have a heightened sensory experience, and if you write about it, polish up that writing, and submit it, you might even publish.”
Vaughan Chapman

“I have lately rediscovered not only my delight in urb-engagement but also the sensuousness of the verb amble, with its multifarious pleasures, through Dr. Carlaw and the people of StepAway Magazine. Each Letter from the Editor captivates and inspires me, and Dr. Carlaw’s warm email upon submission of my piece engendered a desire to further engage with the surrounding cityscape. I am most grateful for this scintillating “online repository of walking narratives,” which enables me to amble along with other strolling explorers”.

StepAway Magazine is taking chances on writing that makes other editors uneasy. They look for unique voices that take risks and they publish writing that is visceral and yet still poetic. They elevate the downtrodden, put a shine on voices that are otherwise lost in the shuffle—rooting around in haystacks, combing the rough—with compelling results. Keep an eye on these guys. I’m honored to be a part of their history.”
Richard Thomas

StepAway Magazine…crackles with city life and the energy of a world-curious adventurer. The featured poems and stories do not intend to demonize or glamorize city living, but attempt to explore all realities of urban existence.”
Vanessa Willoughby
Review of StepAway Magazine, Issue One