Issue Eight: Contributors

Tina Barry‘s poems and short stories have appeared in Fractured West, Pear Noir!, Elimae, Right Hand Pointing, the Exposure anthology of microfiction and other online and print publications. She’s an M.F.A. candidate in creative writing at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York.

Enid Smith Becker is a Seattle area painter and poet with an MA in literature. She lived in France and has travelled through Europe. Her poetry is influenced by art and philosophy. She has recently completed a series of poetry inspired paintings that incorporate collaged text and layered imagery. Enid’s artist website can be found here.

Philip Dacey is the author of eleven books, including whole collections about Gerard Manley Hopkins, Thomas Eakins, and New York City. His latest is Mosquito Operas: New and Selected Short Poems (Rain Mountain Press, 2010) and Vertebrae Rosaries: 50 Sonnets (Red Dragonfly Press, 2008).  He recently moved to Minneapolis after eight years in Manhattan. More information can be found on his website.

Sherry Karver, an artist working with photo-based oil painting, has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, and has had over twenty solo exhibitions. She is currently represented by Kim Foster Gallery, New York, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, Rarity Gallery, Greece, Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Baker Sponder Gallery, Florida, and Sue Greenwood Fine Art, California. Her work is in over 150 private and corporate collections, and has been featured on the covers of numerous books and magazines.  She lives in Oakland, California with her husband, writer Jerry Ratch. Images and more information can be found on her website.

George H. Northrup is President (2006- ) of the Fresh Meadows Poets in Queens, NY, a Board member of the Society that selects the Nassau County Poet Laureate, and former President of the New York State Psychological Association.  Recent publications include Generations, Light, Long Island Quarterly, String Poet, The Buddhist Review, and The New York Times.

Jerry Ratch, novelist and poet has published 13 books of poetry, a novel, Wild Dreams of Reality, and a memoir, A Body Divided, the story of a one-armed boy growing up in a two-fisted world. His poems have been in over two dozens magazines and anthologies. Also, recently published on-line is his novel, How the Sixties Ended: or, the San Francisco Poetry Wars, which can be found here. He lives with his wife, artist Sherry Karver in Oakland, California. More about Jerry’s work can be found on his website. His work can also be purchased as kindle books.

Born in Antigua, West Indies, Althea Romeo-Mark grew up in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. An educator and writer, Althea has taught in the USA, Liberia, England and in in Switzerland since 1991. She was awarded the Marguerite Cobb McKay Prize by the Editorial Board of The Caribbean Writer in June, 2009. She was also one of a hundred guest poets invited to read at the XX International Poetry Festival of Medellin, Columbia. She writes poetry and short stories and has been published in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, USA, England, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Colombia and Liberia. Her last poetry collection, If Only the Dust Would Settle, was published in 2009.

James Scott holds an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the head of neo:writers, and the organiser of the international neo:poetryprize. Scott’s work explores the duality of nature and man, attempting to uncover and understand the ambivalence which lies within us all. He has several poems published in online and magazine form, most recently in conjunction with the Origami Poems Project.

Tamara Sellman is the founding editor of the archived magazine MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism. Her most recent acceptances and publications include Lowestoft Chronicle, Rose Red Review, Friction, Open Road Review, Naugatuck River Review, Alimentum Journal , and Weber: The Contemporary West. Recent anthologies where her work appears include Jane’s Stories IV: Bridges and Borders (2012); Penumbra: Speculative Fiction from the Pacific Northwest (2011) and Like Water For Quarks: Science Fiction Meets Magic Realism (2011). Her novel, The Borderland, was a finalist in the PNWA literary contest for 2012.

Catherine Simpson is a cellist from Berkeley, CA. She has been published in the UC Santa Barbara poetry journal Into the Teeth of the Wind.

Carol Lavelle Snow was an MFA in drama. She played Aunt Eller in Discoveryland’s production of Oklahoma! for 11 summers and taught college English for several years.   She has published fiction as well as poetry, most recently in The Texas Poetry Calendar and The Lyric and forthcoming in Crosstimbers.

Gina Williams lives and creates in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys poetry, fiction and photography. Her work has been featured in the Houston Literary Review, Third Wednesday, Mount Hope, Marco Polo, Great Weather For Media, 40-Ounce-Bachelors, Great Weather For Media, Fried Chicken & Coffee, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and Feather Lit. Writing and art, she has found, makes it possible for her to breathe. Learn more about her here.

Brenda Yates is from nowhere. After growing up on Air Force bases stateside and overseas, she settled first in Massachusetts, and then in California where she lives with her husband. Her poems have appeared in Mississippi Review, Eclipse, Pearl, In Posse Review, Cider Press Review, Spillway, Blue Arc West, So Luminous The Wildflowers: An Anthology of California Poets, Askew, Chaparral, Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: Ten Years of Two Idiots Peddling Poetry, City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry (University of Iowa Press) and will be in the upcoming Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee (Texas Review Press). A Pushcart Prize nominee and recipient of the Patricia Bibby Memorial Prize at Idyllwild Arts, Brenda won the first annual Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center Poetry Contest.