Tour, Anti-


Please close all windows. To experience the city

One must digitalize one’s home:

                                                   this purple sky

Will make the perfect screensaver. I can see you—

Eating alone at the Taco Bell—

                                               from outer space.


It’s earthquake weather. Quit shaking the mouse.

Under the over-

                         pass, in the pixilated dark, I tag.

You’re it. We are constantly working to improve—

You know. On the cement floor, a series of links

And body chalk outlines. To gentrify,

                                                          click here.


Our glass elevators afford the best views. Never

Mind this cold, sterile feeling.

                                            I’m streaming live

Entertainment: a crowded street falls to its knees—

Except for one man, stunned,

                                           staring at everyone.

Jaydn DeWald