All Colors Blinking Bright

It’s rainy…. Now it’s sunny. Now it’s both rainy and sunny. Rain gives way to sun, and the river subsides. Sunlight highlights a garden-variety of perennials: purple coneflower, marsh marigold, blue cohosh, black-eyed Susan. A cardinal stops to rest on a branch of jack pine, a cottontail hops out from behind a wild rose: a button tail trails it. An hour shadows another, and then another, as a nimbus cloud returns from west to east, waters gutters and soaks mulch spread over new growth. Death perpetuates life. A red-breasted robin bounces around, snatches up a worm with its beak, and then breaks for shelter. It’s sunny…. Now it’s rainy. Now it’s both sunny and rainy. Light dissipates cloud. A massive wave of scattered particles showers a band of colors, and reveals what is hidden by time, as it passes through hill-huggers caught at Belknap Lookout by a downpour. Some seeds are washed away and take root in shallow soil to get food sooner from the sun; some are deeply rooted but grow as tall as they’re nurtured to; some ripen into black cherries then are pitted and swallowed; or fall and return to earth: wood for a carpenter’s purpose, wood for a clock maker’s purpose, wood for a crucible of joy.

shimmering in

the glory of God’s breath

trembling Aspen

Myron Michael