Home to Roost

off the midnight yawn at st-rat-ford station

                                cl-amber out the tube hole

smelling of dust cove-red         electricity

                                            clinging st-atic

                          stub-born like a shadow

stumble into the words of sp-ray can


that trickle down walls

                        in sob mas-cara let-ters

            and the tags of the disaffected 

                                      that lay a cl-aim to

   grime parts of graph-ite coloured do-main

wall-f-lower posters flutter but can’t       fly

word on the street all torn and tattered

                          as if words ever mattered

jumble of sounds           no-ise

                                            poor reception

caught in tv aerial tan-gle 

                                              dream cat-chers

for the thread-bare set-tee acade-mics

un-sybaritic con-crete echoes with calls in

                                        ob-scene anglo-saxon


amber spot-lights an-other beer bottle

be-comes a thou-sand different diamondesque


                                      against the d-ole grey

that gives the land-scape its stark cut out-line

            right     angles

                                    straight lines

con-trasted on street corners

      by b-leached blonde im-migrant whores

who parade curves in colour

shivering in short skirts                 e-yes freeze


into self-preservation cry-ogenics

dissolving the pretty girl looks

                                    into hero-in reflections

                                                tart lem-on ac-id

and the sulphurous plum-es of burnt match-es

                  hold a f-lame to cctv superstars in 

                                              branded train-ers

boom b-ass boys            fuel injected cruise by

                                looking for the star shine

that seeps from cracked pip-es

                                    searching to find

                        Nirvana E15

P.A. Levy