The City Melts

The snow has fallen
and late at night
white streets are so silent
that I forget where to go
snow tenderly smothers
all sounds of that hour
and unusual silence
swallows the city
I overhear the screeching
footsteps of unknown passers-by
before they dissolve in the whiteness

For a moment I feel the lightness
of a silhouette that crosses over
not leaving a trace in the snow.

I do not know how it happens
that the smile of a stranger
wakes up the warmth
felt upon a return to your birthplace
the kind that you feel
a moment before sleep
on a late summer afternoon
but I do know
that winter is leaving
and drop by drop
the city melts
and the fragrant streets
announce the beginning of
sweet uncertainty
the excitement of the word

Nina Bajsić