Good News

We wake. Many of us.
Far from heaven.
We watch the sun paint
Soundless Avenues. Gold woods.
Birds call spring. We carry
Dread through a sudden drizzle.
We shake out grocery
Stores where stacks of toilet
paper are palleted out
Like royalty. Our pets still
Follow us home. We use rum
To sanitize anxiety. Kids
Play tag called Corona
In a sick light. “It’s gonna
Wipe us out,” a homeless
Man sings. But breaking
News: “Coronavirus survivor, 87,
Gets all clear and punches
Air.” We can’t touch each other
To recharge. Death lurks
In a hug or handshake.
We die and another child
Is born. We laugh
And we mourn. We cut
Sports and watch the universe
From our porch. We listen to waves
Of traffic like any ocean.
We watch golfers smash
Balls and marvel at the heights
Of our spirit. We think life
Will crack open any minute.
We drive in our favorite
Songs. We know corona fears
Unity. We look dead
At each other and see
God. We pray
And another day
Shows up.

Rayon Lennon