Vancouver Visions

taste of smoke
on tongue
                              blues nowhere bands

tottering in damp streets
ears ablaze
                              bass-line bouncing

through power house walls
threatening to hush voices of those
caught in the industry’s
                              blackmail sidelines

hear the lamps hiss in gastown;
glowing daylight kisses
pale faces
distraught from lack of sleep
trudging through day-jobs
waiting hornily to
                              bash through

rave parties in east-side depths

joyous fireworks on display where the
symphony of fire
                             burns hottest

in daylight those with solace in their step
tread lightly on yoga mats
frolic with orcas on frisky
                             beach settings

feast on Granville Island’s bread
magnolia long-stems
escape over the lion’s gate to
                             bold rocky


greenery blending with night-gazing
shooting star wishes
and it all seems sublime until
someone wrecks the
                             beach with
                             beer bottle antics

                             breasts and

too close to the heat

Michelle Ward-Kantor