The Arrival

Mingling skin and sheathes
of clothes
Caress fifth and 79th
Looking eyes     come out
in anxious mouths
tongued dry
Waiting      time
hair      flairs    in   wind
& buttocks   jounce
in   saucy         risk
of   bursting.
A   seamy   day of   hazy
Hot and−−−
−I cool it with a 2 buck brew−
settles        but       searching
always    a sight to
glisten  in   shine
as he arrives − to smile − no glee−
she waited for −
The eyes mouth and wince
He misses it all
in the hurry of his own askews
Suited attaché case        /mindless ramblings/
she stares up
love came out − as he swoops
her up and across the street while
she’s giving      and − only I
see it appreciatively.  He’ll
probably argue later
and miss the beat

V. J.  Chiappetta